Lisez les témoignages de ces sportifs, professeurs, chercheurs, étudiants, parents, dirigeants... issus des quatre coins du monde et qui sont avant tout des amoureux de la nature conscients du danger écologique auquel nos océans sont confrontés. Ecoutez-les parler de leur océan attitude, qu'il s'agisse de souvenirs, d'actions menées au quotidien, d'une vision de l'avenir ou d'un appel au changement. À partir de l'ensemble des témoignages recueillis sur ce site, la charte du label "Océan Attitude" sera rédigée. Témoignez vous aussi !

Read the testimonials of these sportsmen, professors, researchers, students, parents, directors... coming from all over the world and who are before anything else nature lovers, conscious of the ecological threat our oceans are facing. Listen to them speak about their océan attitude, whether it be memories, daily actions, a vision of the future or a call for change. Based on all the testimonies we will collect here a charter for the "Océan Attitude" label will be written. Don't hesitate to share your testimonial with us too!

The 8th of August marked my 29th year around the sun, and also the start of a new social experiment. After researching, interviewing, editing, and writing about fast fashion for my Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London and Birkbeck, University of London MBA thesis, I've decided to try to go 365 days without purchasing any articles of clothing, accessories, or shoes.

In the event that I must purchase something, I will practice my due diligence to support companies that abide by sustainable practices (both in terms of social and environmental consciousness).

My gift to everyone on my birthday is a link to my thesis, where you can read more about how funding the fashion industry is essentially funding the destruction of our planet. I know it's a long read, but I can assure you it's well worth your time! >>

I also ask that you please share this article with your family and friends to increase awareness on an issue near and dear to my heart and that you re-examine your own relationship with unsustainable consumption.

Sydney Meredith, Operations Advisor at G20 Saudi Secretariat