Lisez les témoignages de ces sportifs, professeurs, chercheurs, étudiants, parents, dirigeants... issus des quatre coins du monde et qui sont avant tout des amoureux de la nature conscients du danger écologique auquel nos océans sont confrontés. Ecoutez-les parler de leur océan attitude, qu'il s'agisse de souvenirs, d'actions menées au quotidien, d'une vision de l'avenir ou d'un appel au changement. À partir de l'ensemble des témoignages recueillis sur ce site, la charte du label "Océan Attitude" sera rédigée. Témoignez vous aussi !

Read the testimonials of these sportsmen, professors, researchers, students, parents, directors... coming from all over the world and who are before anything else nature lovers, conscious of the ecological threat our oceans are facing. Listen to them speak about their océan attitude, whether it be memories, daily actions, a vision of the future or a call for change. Based on all the testimonies we will collect here a charter for the "Océan Attitude" label will be written. Don't hesitate to share your testimonial with us too!

Hi, I am Vanessa Robitzch, and my Ocean Attitude relies on being conscious.

I pursue to be aware of the consequences of every action I take and decision I make. From when I brush my teeth to when I cook a certain meal or the destination when I need to hop into my car. I believe we have the responsibility to be knowledgeable about the results of our undertakings, no matter how small or big.

We must inform ourselves the best way possible to make good and sustainable decisions. If we want to eat fish, let’s choose which fish we will eat based on where we live and where it is coming from. If we want fruit or veggies let’s figure out which one is currently being grown locally. If we need heating, let’s find out which heat source is less harmful based on where our house is located. Does it make sense to have electric powered cars in the town where I live? Where is the power to charge these cars coming from? Nowadays, it is so easy to gain this kind of information in a matter of minutes. And it is our basic responsibility to be conscious or to make a decision that we can live with.

76613075 10159346074509152 6085035125815377920 nDr. Vanessa Robitzch on a small boat off the coast of Rapa Nui *Once we have that knowledge, it is of supreme importance to share it. Staying quiet when you see someone making a mistake or a wrong choice does not make you prudent or humble. It is rather hypocritical and irresponsible. Help others make good decisions, too, based on the knowledge you have and share it with them. Feel good about your sustainable lifestyle but feel even better about teaching and advising others whenever you can. Take time for that! It is our responsibility to gain that ocean attitude together. I meet up with my neighbors, people from different backgrounds, and young schoolkids to discuss and talk about how to live sustainable and healthy. I share with them all sorts of experiences and knowledge I have gained through my travels. We talk about other cultures and practices. About science and scientists. But I also make them feel good and even better than myself for not having travelled as much or at all. I tell them that if all of us would be more like them we would not have that many troubles with our carbon emission. But I also help them improve life-style choices based on the big picture some of us may see better through our travels or studies. Make them realize they are better off with little. With local. With handcrafted. With vitamin richer fruits and vegetables grown in their own gardens.

I am a scientific post-doc, a schoolteacher, a neighbor, a friend, a human, and altogether, you and I, just living-beings on this planet that want to live and let others live. So, let us all share knowledge and be aware earthlings.

* On the picture, you can see Dr. Vanessa Robitzch on a small boat off the coast of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). She is studying a not so rare but completely overseen tiny coral reef fish. It is best captured during night time. On the picture she is counting the fishes caught that night and telling stories about the intriguing lives of these miniatures to local fishermen, divers, and tourist she shared the boat with that night.