Many people worldwide decided to take action on Saturday 8 June to celebrate World Oceans Day. Hundreds of events, on the 5 continents, took place that day, showing a collective will to act together in order to raise people's awareness about the environmental situation of our planet. Many of these events involved youngsters, worried and outraged by the state of our oceans, who got especially engaged in actions against plastic, a plague thats now floods everywhere on earth.


In Tunis, middle and high school pupils participated in a beach clean-up in La Goulette. They also raised their voice through the medium of dance by dancing on the beach on a popular indian song called ‘Tik Tik Plastic’.

Many other beach, river or lake clean-up actions took place that day. To name just a few: in the Îles-de-Boucherville National Park, Canada; in Sky Beach, Bahamas; in Cunang Beach, Malaysia; in Colony Beach, Maine, USA; in Amanusa Beach, near Roma, Italy; in Agat, on the island of Guam, near the Philippines; in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA; in Austinmer beach, Australia; in Florida Beach, in Nice, France; and in India a ten-day road trip was organised to clean up several kms of coastal land from Visakhapatnam.

Many more forms of actions, whether cultural or sports actions, happened Saturday 8 June in order to celebrate the World Oceans Days: a film screening of ‘Albatross’ by Chris Jordan, followed by a discussion, in Nehalem, Oregon, USA; the second edition of Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF) in Tunis, Tunisia, on the 25 and 26 June; a 30-kms solo kayak trip in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India; a photo exhibition as well as a sculpture exhibit made of plastic waste from the sea, in Lisbon, Portugal; a children cooking contest in Lampedusa e Linosa, Italy…

Watch Chris Jordan's film 'Albatross' online for free by clicking here.

Océan Attitude also got involved on 8 June: Océan Attitude sailing boat sailed offshore along the Lorient coast, France, to reaffirm the constant commitment of scientists, sports people, artists, politicians, across the generations, to preserve and save our planet.

What did you do on Saturday 8 June to celebrate the oceans? Don't hesitate to share with us your actions, whether occasional or routine, on our page, or to write an article about your commitment, your thoughts, your indignation on

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